Working Group

Standards and Certifications

Assurance through harmonisation and standardisation


The working group serves as a sounding board for the NEN Expert Group Standardisation Gaia-X (NESG). The core team of the OTC is a member of this Expert Group.

During the working group meetings, alignment is sought on how to ensure that the OTC action points are placed on the NEN agenda, and that there’s support for these action points in the NEN Expert Group. We want to reach consensus about our approach to informing, thinking along with and organising feedback for the NEN Expert Group, thus ensuring their support. In doing this, we aim to properly coordinate the collaboration with NEN.


Within the context of Gaia-X, NEN has embarked on making an inventory of standards in the area of Assurance. These include standards for the investigations (such as audits), and standards for the reports. It will also be examined whether there are grounds for developing new (European) standards for both aspects. An expert group is currently being established for this purpose, in which various OTC members will participate. The working group also assesses developments in this area: are the Assurance goals adequately reflected in the proposals of the various national and international fora? For instance, detailed feedback was recently submitted on the draft Policy and Rules document of Gaia-X.


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