Working Group

White Paper

This working group is no longer active.


The working group was responsible for drafting the Online Trust Coalition white paper, further to the publication of the manifesto.

In 2020, this working group wrote a white paper with recommendations and ideas for solutions – for the OTC itself. The idea was that the OTC is broad enough to start implementing the recommendations itself, so that the tone can be set within the Netherlands and towards the EU. The white paper was published in February 2021. Besides writing the white paper, the working group also held review sessions with stakeholders. The results of these were discussed and aligned, and recommendations were issued to the sounding board group. The white paper was translated, making it available for wider communication.

Parties involved:

Agentschap Telecom (Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands), Bureau ICT-Toetsing (ICT Assessment Agency), Corbion, Cyberveilig Nederland, NLDigital/ Data Pro,, Erasmus Universiteit, Mazars, Microsoft, Exact, ECP (Electronic Commerce Platform), Zeker-OnLine, ZOL …


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