Action points

For more information about the different action points, see the summary on this page.

Action point 1
To establish a universally applicable standards framework through analysis of the existing certifications and standards frameworks. This will allow for the standardisation and harmonisation of cloud services, with additional criteria for specific application in certain business sectors.
Action point 2
In consultation with providers, users and branch organisations, to draft guidance for users on the important issues to be taken into account when selecting a cloud service and a provider.
Action point 3
In consultation with providers, branch organisations and user representatives, to work towards the establishment of ‘Rules for the cloud’. Alignment will expressly be sought with the code of conduct (Cloud Rule Book) for Gaia-X.
Action point 4
Research into potential innovative methods for demonstrating the reliability and security of cloud services. For instance, using technology for real-time monitoring of the reliable functioning of cloud services.
Action point 6
To participate in the Gaia-X Foundation, and specifically to join the working group with the remit ‘assurance’ (reliability and security) of cloud services.

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Help shape methods for cloud service providers to demonstrate that their services are reliable, secure, and support the customer validation process.