For sustainable trust in European cloud services

Cloud services are indispensable in our lives and consequently demand reliability. The Online Trust Coalition works in public-private collaboration on a clear and workable harmonization and standardization of European legislation and regulations surrounding cloud services, so that there is clarity about their reliability and security.

Why participate in the Online Trust Coalition?

Cloud services are indispensable in our lives. Without cloud services, digital transactions would cease to exist, chaos would ensue in daily operations, and communication via email and social media would immediately halt. Most organizations would cease to function, and citizens would immediately experience the drawbacks firsthand.

Because cloud services are so crucial, rapidly evolving, and involve many parties, the government, led by the European Union, regulates this with laws and regulations. This regulation is necessary for Europe to maintain its position amidst power blocs like the United States and China. However, there’s a risk of creating an unworkable situation for users and suppliers of European cloud services, namely our businesses and public entities.

Effective functioning of cloud services requires targeted harmonization and standardization. At the initiative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, the Online Trust Coalition (OTC) was formed. It’s a public-private collaboration where organizations from government, business, and academia unite.

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Pillar 1

Businesses have practical solutions enabling them to comply with mandatory, standardized, and recognized frameworks of norms.

Pillar 2

Within the EU, there are several accepted methods for conducting third-party audits on cloud services, addressing both chain issues and ensuring the quality of evidence. Regulators, providers, and consumers see value in this method. The method is accepted as supportive evidence of compliance.

Pillar 3

here are one or a few (new) reporting standards for cloud services across the EU, providing stakeholders with clarity regarding pillars 1 and 2, and these are requested by such stakeholders. In addition, the ‘right to audit’ will predominantly be translated and used as: gaining access to these reports.

Deelnemer worden?

Werk mee aan het vormgeven van een efficiënte en eenduidige methode voor het aantonen van een betrouwbare en veilige cloud.