NCSC experiences of (public) cloud use

On 11 June, the NCSC (Netherlands National Cybersecurity Centre) shared their experiences of (public) cloud use and the adaptations made (and still to be made) to their technical landscape, processes and security architecture. The most important thing they’ve learned is that cloud adoption has major consequences for the way in which the NCSC organises their information provision. They also discuss issues such as the risks and benefits of cloud use and cloud certification, and the way in which the NCSC deals with these. The document entitled ‘(Public) cloud services: Some experiences from our cloud journey’ (only available in Dutch) refers to various organisations including Stichting Zeker-OnLine, one of the supporters of the Online Trust Coalition.

Click here for a link to the article on the NCSC website (Dutch language only).

(Public) cloud services Some experiences from our cloud journey (Dutch language only)

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