Action point 1

Comparability of certifications and standards frameworks for reliability and security


A key stumbling block when it comes to the reliability of cloud services is the multitude of criteria imposed regarding information technology, cybersecurity and privacy, among other things.

In the formulation of these criteria, there is virtually no collaboration between parties. Nevertheless, a comparison of the standards frameworks used by various certification schemes shows that the standards applied overlap to a large extent.

The Online Trust Coalition therefore plans to conduct an analysis of the existing certifications and standards frameworks for reliable cloud services. We want to establish a universally applicable standards framework, to allow for the standardisation and harmonisation of cloud services. Subsequently, standardised extras can be built on with additional criteria for specific application in certain business sectors.

Modular structure

The intention is to build the security levels for cloud services according to a modular structure. This will mean that for each security level, on the basis of standardised modules, it can quickly and simply be shown how reliable and secure the cloud service is. With this, cloud service providers will no longer have to offer tailored reliability and security to every individual user. This approach will make the reliability of cloud services much more transparent, so that users can make a well-informed decision about the cloud service they wish to purchase. An added benefit of this approach is that there are fewer costs involved.

Progress of action point:

In 2021, two graduation projects relating to this action point are in progress. The action point will be taken further on the basis of these projects.


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