Action point 5

Standardisation of accountability information


One of the key things that hampers the ability of cloud service providers to give assurance to users, is the lack of harmonised communication about the reliability of cloud services.

Different forms of legislation and regulations require different forms of conformity investigations, accountability reports, certifications and suchlike. Each form has its own protocols and method of implementation. For providers – especially for SMEs – it’s extremely time-consuming and costly to provide accountability via all these different forms. Harmonisation is greatly needed.

The Online Trust Coalition wants to condense the diverse forms of reporting on the reliability and security of cloud services into standardised accountability information for users and regulators’ auditors. The standards for these reports will be based on existing legislation and regulations, and will be coordinated with regulators and other relevant parties.

Progress of action point:

Together with various experts, the core team of the OTC is a member of the NEN (Royal Netherlands Standardisation Institute) Expert Group Standardisation Gaia-X (NESG). More information about this expert group can be found on the NEN website:   

With various participants from the OTC, the working group serves as a sounding board for the expert group of the NEN. The working group also identifies issues it deems important and places them on the agenda.


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