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The goal of the OTC European Advisory Group is to ensure uniform and coordinated input from the Netherlands in future EU cybersecurity policy. The Netherlands is involved in the implementation of the new EU cybersecurity legislation via various fora, involving the Dutch government, the Online Trust Coalition and private organisations. These include the European Cybersecurity Certification Group (ECCG), the Stakeholder Cybersecurity Certification Group (SCCG), the ENISA ad-hoc working groups for the SOG-IS agreement and cloud schemes, and other fora from the political to the executive level.

The OTC European Advisory Group has a key role to play in promoting the OTC’s vision on certification in general, and on cybersecurity certification in particular. The OTC core group has started to make an inventory of the different fora and Dutch representatives and their roles. They’re then contacting the parties involved to ask them to join the OTC European Advisory Group. The response has been positive, and the first (online) meeting was held on 22 April, in which a substantial group of representatives participated. The value of and the need for this working group within the OTC was unanimously agreed.

If you’d like to join the OTC European Advisory Group, please contact Mieke van Ulden (mieke.vanulden[@]

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