The Online Trust Coalition at the Security Conference

On 6 October, Michiel Steltman from the OTC and Jan Matto from Mazars addressed the Security Conference organised for several hundred delegates by PvIB (Platform for Information Security), NOREA (Netherlands Association of Registered EDP Auditors) and ISACA. The topic of their presentation was the new IT audit opinion.

Steltman and Matto described the background and the reasons for the NOREA initiative: the growing need among a variety of stakeholders for assurance about digital services. The usual instruments — legislation and regulation or product-like certifications — appear to be insufficient. Despite all the legislation and regulations in place, there is still a great deal of uncertainty about the digital resilience of digital services such as the cloud. Are providers doing enough? And are they doing the right things? The need for independent scrutiny is huge. It’s also necessary for the business world as a whole to be held accountable — towards shareholders, supervisory boards, banks, insurance providers and the government — for the management of all IT processes.

You can watch the presentation by Michiel Steltman and Jan Matto here.

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