The Online Trust Coalition is organising two webinars

Cloud services form the foundation of digitisation and innovation. Online cloud services are essential for health care, for data sharing, for working from home, for a modern digital government, for smart cities, for smart industry and more. Almost all our data is stored somewhere in a cloud. Therefore, it’s crucial to obtain assurance about the reliability of cloud services. For both users and providers of cloud services, that assurance still isn’t a given.

On Monday 8 November and Wednesday 10 November, the Online Trust Coalition is organising two in-depth sessions on the theme reliable and secure cloud services.

  • Monday 8 November 09:00h – 10:00h: Exploration of reliable and secure cloud services for users and providers

In the webinar, Michiel Steltman (OTC) will talk to Kees Verhoeven (former Dutch MP), Peter Verkoulen (TNO, Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) and Ludo Baauw (Intermax) about security and reliability in the cloud.

You can no longer register for this webinar.

  • Wednesday 10 November 09:00h – 10:30h: The OTC and the role of the auditor

In the webinar, Tom Vreeburg (OTC) will talk to Irene Vettewinkel (NOREA, Netherlands Association of Registered EDP Auditors), Ruud Kerssens (Agentschap Telecom, Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands) and Kees Verhoeven (former Dutch MP) about security and reliability in the cloud. The role of the auditor will be explored in detail, as well as the societal relevance of the profession. The panel will also discuss recent developments, both within the Netherlands and EU-wide.

You can register for the session on 10 November here.

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