Working Group White Paper underway

An important milestone for the OTC this year is to write a white paper. This document will explore the problems around proving the reliability of cloud and online services, and potential solutions to these problems. The white paper will describe the choices that the OTC advocates in order to address this effectively and realistically for all stakeholders. Given the size of the OTC and the complexity of the material, this is no small task. Attention will be given to the perspectives of all stakeholders in the OTC: providers, users, regulators, auditors and others. Account must be taken of the legal reality, of differing interests and perspectives, of Dutch policy and of the EU developments ahead.

In essence, the white paper outlines the philosophy of the Online Trust Coalition. As such, it will form the core of the collaboration within the coalition. Therefore, writing this paper is about more than simply drafting a treatise on the topic.

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